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Key Benefits

  • Run your business from one place, syncing data from Shopify to your Thryv CRM so you can track and manage payment details easier.
  • Keep detailed transactions and accurate interaction history by automatically recording your Shopify payment details inside Thryv.
  • Nurture and engage your customers inside Thryv to create loyal customers and build long-lasting relationships.


Total Installs


  • Shopify Account
  • An email or phone number is required on each contact to import contacts from Shopify to Thryv
  • An email or phone number is required on each contact to associate any payments from Shopify to Thryv

More Info

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Do you sell products online through Shopify? Would you like the clients that buy your products on your online market to also be available for your Thryv marketing campaigns? Would you like for the payments recorded in Shopify to also be saved to your client cards in Thryv? The Shopify App integration will seamlessly sync your customer list from Shopify to Thryv. It will keep your Thryv client list updated with your Shopify customers. This integration will also record your customers' Shopify payments in their client cards under the Payments tab in Thryv. By integrating your Shopify clients with Thryv, you can remarket to these clients and keep an accurate interaction history, among all other Thryv benefits.

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