Hair by Sierra

Managing my business with text messages was not a solution.


Sierra Smith is a qualified and talented hair stylist in Fresno, California who kicked off her business with a pretty well-established clientele.

Sierra was managing all of her appointments, client information including important notes like hair style/color, appointment confirmations and payment details all from her personal text messages. Life was becoming incredibly overwhelming at a rapid pace and she knew she needed an efficient solution.


Client Communications

The inbox has increased efficiency with client communication by 70%, making it easy to receive important details before the appointment, like hairstyle preferences and photos.

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The Client Portal has made it easy for clients to pay, which has increased her invoices and payments by 20% through Thryv.

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Accepting appointments from anywhere has changed her business, offering the flexibility to schedule appointments with her customers using Thryv’s mobile app.

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Sierra is no longer buried in her phone searching for text messages, she is organized and managing her business more efficiently.

Thryv has given her the tools she needs to:

  • Effectively communicate with her clients, with all details all in one place.
  • Allow her clients to pay her easier through the Client Portal.
  • Manage her day more efficiently with appointments and reminders.

Sierra can focus on making her clients feel beautiful while Thryv helps make sure no one misses another appointment.

The Client Card lets me set up pre-made questions that clients can answer before the appointment.

Sierra Smith | Hair by Sierra

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